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Vintage Collegiate Gear

December 16, 2010

My Husband loves the vintage collegiate trend. It is more then just the throwback look that makes them so popular, the fabrics are so soft and comfortable it is hard to get him to wear anything else. His favorite brands  are  ’47 and Colosseum. They really make great gear,  The prices aren’t cheep, but the quality is very good and hold up well to the stresses of Game Day. A great place to buy these items is at fansedge, they tend to be cheaper then in the stores or the main sites. 

I bought by husband this great throwback collegiate rugby hoodie for christmas by Banner ’47.  I couldn’t find the UGA one I purchased online , so I have posted the Alabama version here.  I also got him these great vintage georgia blitz sweatpants. A great idea that we are doing for our 3 year old son, is buying him a couple of really cool vintage shirt each year and holding them back for him until he turns 18. He has a great collection of georgia shirts, a bonaroo shirt, even some political shirts. Just an idea. 

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