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The Preppy Look

December 17, 2010

Ok, so I LOVE the preppy look. Love it! Mind you I would look ridiculous in most of it, but if you can pull it off, I am so jealous. One of the things I love about the South is the Old Southern, Mint Julep Sipping, Tucked in Oxford, Smoking a Cigar, Old School Gent. While my husband wouldn’t be caught dead in any of this gear, (boo hoo,) I can at least share it here.

So,  a couple fo great finds. Vineyard Vines is of course the staple for the preppy look. They even offer a collegiate line of ties and totes.

Another great find was on the  ORVIS site. This Key Fob, Wallet and Belt choices are really cool, I bought my hubby the key fob, (come on, that isn’t too preppy right?)
Southern Proper is also a site that every prep should either know about or own a piece of their clothing. While they do not have official collegiate gear, the colors and animals match some pretty  big SEC Schools. Call me crazy, but Southern Proper’s Top Dog Beau bow tie works great for MSU, and the Hound Dog Gent tie for UT. They also have items that work for UGA, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Alabama and more.

And don’t think the Southern Belle’s are left out. I bought this great UGA hair sash that matches the Vineyard Vines Georgia Tie, at the bookstore on campus. Southern Proper also offers wide Hair Bands in collegiate themes.

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