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Collegiate Picnic Gear

December 29, 2010

I love all the different bags, totes, chairs and gadgets you can use tailgating, traveling and those family picnic outings and camping trips. Collegiate Gift Ideas has a huge selection of picnic gear for 100’s of schools, including all SEC teams.

The Turismo Picnic Backpack is a picnic time product and costs $44.95.










The Metro Collapsible Basket (shown in Auburn colors) is $39.49. The Tennessee Milano Tote is priced at $31.95.










Activio Picnic Tote Bag, $35.95 & Sorrento Backpack $82.95.










Malibu Shoulder Pack $76.45 and Zuma Picnic Backpack $33.95








Oniva Recliner Seat $45.95 & Padded Stadium Seat $45.95










Duet Wine and Cheese Tote $40.95 and Verona Picnic Basket $89.95


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