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House Divided

January 3, 2011

Every football season my husband and I are so thankful that we are not a house divided. Some of our dearest friends have to battle this dilemma every fall. A house divided is never a good think, but when you throw in SEC rival schools living under one roof… ouch!  Thankful as I am, I tell all divided couples to soften their hatred for the other school, and find ways to show our support for both. I have provided an interesting collection of photos of how couples have dealt with divided homes.

Number One: You gotta start out the “house divided relationship” on the right foot. These couples took some of their school clothing with them on their engagement photo shoots. They had fun with their rivalry and now you have a great photo to hang up in their house that shows both schools.







Number Two: If you are fanatical fans, find fun ways to incorporate both schools into your wedding celebrations. Just make sure both of you are in on it. Some grooms have been left out of the loop, and wind up with rival school fillings to their groom cakes.








Number Three: Find some home decor that represents both schools
























Number Four: Have your kids wear both schools clothing.



Number Five: If all else fails, split everything down the middle.


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